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Dave Gordon - Thursday, 26 January, 2017

If you’re among the many who grab a muffin for breakfast, get ready for the bad news. 

That’s a sugar and carbs overload, says nutritionist Ashley Sauve. It’ll hit your waist, your health, and could be part of the reason for the “three o’clock dip” – when your body craves a new sugar hit.

These and other tidbits were offered this week at the Health and Wellness Symposium at Toronto’s Petah Tikva synagogue. Presenting were Sauve, and Moshe Schwartz - personal trainer and fitness coach.

Schwartz encouraged people to set specific and smart workout goals, that were both measurable and attainable. One thing to keep in mind, moreover, is that “losing weight isn’t the best, or the only metric.”

A client of his for month months, in fact, had lost negligible weight after months of training, yet found her overall health, muscle, and waist size to have improved.

“It’s a big mental barrier. Society wrongly puts a premium on the number on the scale,” noted Schwartz.

But if it’s weight you want to lose, have a specific goal in mind – a number to chase, making the goal more attainable.

Meanwhile, Sauve surprised many in the audience, after showing a close-up of nutrition facts of yogourt and ice cream, both of which contained the same amounts of sugar.

Also on the topic of sugar, she cautioned that fruits – though good for you – contain natural sugars, and like consuming refined sugars, excess is not a good thing.

However, eating fruit with a protein better absorbs the sugars, she noted.

And finally, for those craving the carbs of noodles but want fewer carbs, she suggested zucchini noodles (homemade are best).


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