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REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Dave Gordon - Sunday, 5 February, 2017

I recently was afforded the wonderful opportunity to try the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S for a couple of months.

What struck me initially as impressive was how slim and light weight it is, how easily portable it is. Its sleek design blends aesthetic with ease of use.

The included keyboard is a significant advantage because itís an all inclusive system at a reasonable price (800 USD). The AMOLED display is better than most screens in even more expensive systems.
It r
uns the full version of Windows 10, rather than a mobile version of an operating system, which allowed it to really be used like a computer. Programs were called up quite quickly, useful for those times when you need to toggle between several programs at once.

Whatís also impressive is the very long battery life (hovering around the twelve hour mark in energy saver), and it charges fast.
Now, I donít know if this was because it was a review copy, but every week or so the system directed itself to upgrade mode, spending significant time downloading the latest patch. I felt as though this might be something that ought to be done in a single batch, after initially opening the system.

It also didnít include a permanently installed copy of Word Ė a staple for a writer like myself; rather, it was a sixty day trial that locked without a purchase code. Again, I donít know if that was because it was a review copy, but there was always OpenOffice, a free shareware knockoff, as a backup.

Depending on oneís preferences, the lack of portscan make tasks like connecting with a scanner/printer, a projector, or pulling files from a USB stick tricky.

That means your huge data files are Cloud or hard drive reliant.

There is no slot for a memory card, which means you are stuck with the 128 GB. The operating system, alone, eats some of that space.

Back to the keyboard, it connects to the screen with magnets and a four inch grid of teeth, that can attach and reattach with no effort. But a couple of stiff bumps on the streetcar can unhook them just as easily.

But overall, this device can easily be transported from the coffee shop, to the office, to home, to car, and anywhere, and work like a horse.
It really is an intuitive system that has a multi-purpose appeal, that, despite the few flaws, has one thing that few laptops have: an addictive and comfortable quality that makes you want to keep using it.


*Intel Core m3-6Y30 Processor
*Windows 10 Home Operating System
*Screen Size: 12 inches
*Front & Rear Camera: 5 MP resolution
*Video Recording Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)
*Video Play Time on Battery: up to 10.5 hours
*Display Resolution: 2160 x 1440
*Includes Keyboard


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