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26 January, 2017

1 April, 2016
Irwin Cotler honored

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REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
5 February, 2017
I recently was afforded the wonderful opportunity to try the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S for a couple of months. What struck me initially as impressive was how slim and light weight it is, how ...
Finding Jesus in TVís Suits
28 November, 2016
Believe it or not, you can get into the holiday spirit by watching TVís Suits. Itís there youíll find a number of allegories for Christianity and Jesus. Now in its sixth season, USA Networkís Sui...
The science of Santa, explained
25 December, 2015
Even since jolly olí St. Nick began his annual global sleigh trek across the sky, and slid into homes, people have been asking: how does he do it? I mean, how is it possible he can travel the worl...
Jews and Jedis - any relation?
20 December, 2015
It has garnered more attention in the past four decades than most of the greatest films. The Star Wars series has been studied and dissected by film buffs, and likely will continue to be as the new ...
Genie in a pill bottle?
15 July, 2015
 A Look at the Uninspiring History of Diet Pills If you havenít gone on a diet this year, itís a safe bet that your neighbor has. According to US statistics, some 100 million Americans ar...
The 3D Printing Revolution: New Tech can Build 10 Homes a Day
17 April, 2015
Thereís an invention out there thatíll make your home computerís printer look like the Wright Brothersí airplane compared to a NASA space shuttle. And itís not too far in the future that weíll see i...
Year One: a movie review
2 January, 2015
My wife Karen and I were flipping through NetFlix to see what we could watch on our date night New Years. We stumbled upon a movie weíd never heard of before, 2009ís Year One by the late, great Ho...
How safe are "energy drinks"?
3 June, 2014
Theyíre in the supermarket aisles, vending machines, grocery stores: a vast array of flavors and sizes to suit the caffeine-craved consumer. With names like Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, Amp, and F...
SPECIAL REPORT: how dangerous are e-cigarettes and hookahs?
19 February, 2014
There are statistics about smoking that might shock people. Cigarette smoking is responsible for about one in five deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). There are a billion...
Facebook at 10: What's the future of social media?
4 February, 2014
 The name Mark Zuckerberg wasn't yet a household name on Feb. 4, 2004, when the 19-year-old computer programmer launched a web-based system to connect college students. But a few years lat...
The magic of Philip Seymour Hoffman
3 February, 2014
With dozens of roles over the course of his career, Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman will no doubt be celebrated, and perhaps studied, as what CNN called an ďeveryman greatness.Ē His unique sk...
OBIT: Allan Gould Ė journalist, activist, humourist
11 March, 2013
Of the launching of his career as a radio broadcaster in 1976, Allan Gould would popularly recall how, on a lark, he wrote a letter to a producer at CBC, Krista Maeots, boasting of how witty he coul...
Did Celine deserve an honorary doctorate?
25 August, 2008
 Honorary doctorates used to be considered symbolic accolades for oneís scholarly contributions, innovations, and oeuvre of literary contributions. Laval University has added new criteria: Put ...
Time is Lifeís Essence: Part One
10 July, 2008
 One of the gravest sins a person can commit is one that, sadly, is done on a daily basis and is rarely recognized as wrong. Wasting someone's time is an ethical crime and a moral sin, but man...
Documentary focuses on a homeless teen in Jerusalem
22 May, 2008
 Early in Naf, there is a scene in which Naftali and his girlfriend are in a heated debate about whether he should be taking advantage of Christian missionaries, duping them into believing he b...
Notable Jewish music acts
18 April, 2008
 When the Lithuanian Empire's CD plays, it will be hard not to clap, dance the hora and make believe you're at a simchah. The klezmer disc is filled with exhilarating traditional me...
More on (Moron) Email Stupidity
19 March, 2008
I've been getting many positive responses to one of my articles regarding the prevalence of email rudeness, idiocy and gross breach of social decorum. I'd like to thank everyone for sending me some ex...
Recognizing Real Evil
28 January, 2008
 James Bond returns, back in her majesty's secret service with the "Quantum of Solace," now in production. But the baddies this time aren't Cold War Russians, or moustache-twisting billionair...
All You Have to Do Is Sue
10 January, 2008
Life is easier when someone else has to pay for your stupid mistakes. Why take responsibility when you can force someone else to cover for you? A Saskatchewan woman who overdosed on crystal metha...
A Merry PC Christmas
23 December, 2007
For several years many groups have been trying to take the Christ out of Christmas Ė banning the phrase "Merry Christmas", for one. Lately, though, others have been stepping up their efforts to be m...
Starbucks Wants to Sell to Kids
29 October, 2007
Starbucks previously had a policy of not marketing to children, but have recently changed their minds. The move is drawing criticism from those concerned with the health affects on youngsters. Their ...
Are e-books ready to be read?
29 September, 2007
 The days of door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen are long gone with the Internet being a one-click information source. Now, some even think that the days of actual books are coming to an end.Au...
Not your Bubbe's magazines
9 February, 2007
Where can you find an article about women with menorah tattoos selling authentic red Kabbalah string? Or an article about a motorcycle club for yeshiva boys in Iowa? Welcome to the new face of Jewis...
Filmmaker explores an Israeli city besieged
9 February, 2007
Coty used to worry about her mortgage, the welfare of her children, and how she would pay for things she needs. Now she worries about the qassam, the Palestinian missiles that regularly rain down on h...
Interview with actor Richard Belzer - Epitome of cool
9 February, 2007
Detective Munch always has a cool look and a sharp wit. Part ofthat, undoubtedly, is because the actor playing him has the impenetrable style and quick tongue to make cops look cool.Richard Belzer of ...
Play Video Games at Work and School
9 February, 2007
Pac-man, Pokťmon and Playstation:  Making video games for a living In 1975 "Pong" introduced the world to the first video game. It was a coin-operated game, much like a pinball machine, but stoo...


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