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1 April, 2016
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Boo-etiquette: when is it rude to boo?
30 December, 2014
When is it OK to boo a public official, and when is it downright rude? Lately, New York Mayor Bill deBlasio was booed by officers at a police graduation ceremony. According to Time Magazine, ...
Beware the etiquette of coffee meetings
17 October, 2014
Ever since the wild proliferation of franchised coffee shops began in North America about twenty years ago, itís hard to find an adult who has not entered a name brand house of java. We go to ch...
Let This Moment Be The Time to Remember Time
15 January, 2009
It's two weeks into the New (secular) Year, and if the statistics are correct, now is about the time when so many peopleís resolutions begin to taper off, become neglected, or their motivation fizz...
How to Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice
25 August, 2008
Parenting is a tough job, and when kids' challenges make it tougher, some parents unwittingly choose the easy, but wrong, responses. Sarah Chana Radcliffe, author and psychologist, wants to change t...
E-mail Rudeness Does Not Compute
20 February, 2008
I have noticed that social decorum has been tossed out the window with some people's use of email. Text messaging is one thing Ė it is supposed to be quick, convenient, the least cumbersome and gets t...
Notes from the Greyhound: Oh, the people you'll meet
25 July, 2007
  Originally published: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 2002 I sat next to the smelly, the chubby, the noisy, the sneezy, the snorer, the sleazy . . . basically each of the seven dwarfs, and th...
Dangerous Selfishness
4 June, 2007
  Baby Boomers were sometimes called the "Me Generation" in the 1970s and 80s, reflective of their desire to look out only for themselves first and foremost. But selfishness has spun on a contin...
Childish Grown-Ups: When There Are No Consequences
26 April, 2007
 Childish Grown-Ups Recently a friend and I visited a small neighborhood bagel restaurant, where we discovered how easy it was for someone to turn off their maturity-button at will. What we exp...


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