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Finding Jesus in TV’s Suits

Dave Gordon - Monday, 28 November, 2016

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Believe it or not, you can get into the holiday spirit by watching TV’s Suits. It’s there you’ll find a number of allegories for Christianity and Jesus.

Now in its sixth season, USA Network’s Suits is the story of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a genius college dropout, who, with his sharp intellect and photographic memory, had made a living from taking the LSAT for others.

Through a freak set of circumstances –a drug deal gone awry – he accidentally finds himself in the job interview chair, and soon becomes a law associate for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht).

Just one thing: he never attended law school.

Despite taking on high profile cases, Mike is constantly faced with the risk his secret might be revealed, and the risk of arrest.

When the firm’s top partner, Jessica Pearson, once exclaimed “you have a chance to come to Jesus, and you’re looking at her,” she was precisely on track about the Christian metaphors of the show.

We begin with the key character, Mike Ross, whose name sounds remarkably like “My Cross.”

Like Jesus, Mike’s a man who knows that the authorities are always just one step behind him, ready to arrest him.

Both Jesus and Mike have “secret identities” that they’ve told people to not tell.

And like Jesus, who practiced the Law, while sometimes breaking it, Mike Ross practices the law, also while simultaneously breaking it.

Other fascinating names are the firm’s primary owner, Jessica Pearson (Pierce Son), and her partner, Harvey Specter (a “specter” being a ghost – so H. Specter would be a Holy Ghost).

There’s also law associate Katrina – in German meaning “pure”, in Hebrew meaning “crown”, both appropriate symbols of Jesus.

And more overtly, Harvey’s personal assistant is (Ma)Donna, who serves as the maternal influence of the office, as Mary does in the Gospels.

Interestingly, one aspect of her behaviour is another allusion to Mary.

There is no shortage of episodes where it is made clear that her precisely-made latte wins over her heart – and wins special favors.

What does that mean, and why, of all things, is a latte important?

Because it’s an allusion to the latte, or the milk, that Mary provided Jesus.

To this day, women show up to the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem where Jesus was nursed, where they believe their request for fertility will be granted. This ritual consists of creating a special mixture with milk, and drinking it, like an elixir.

In the case of Suits, when Donna ingests her specially mixed milk, any request becomes fertile.

The Jewish character, Louis Marlowe Litt, is the Judas, who betrayed the firm on many occasions, either by undermining his nemesis Harvey, or aligning himself with enemies of the firm.

Interestingly, his initials LML (elem-El) in Hebrew means Man-God, surely an allusion to Jesus, believed by Christians to be man and God.

What’s more, we note the prop most associated with Louis is his cup, You Got Litt Up, symbolic of the great Last Supper goblet, the Holy Grail.

According to Wikipedia, “Galahad, illegitimate son of Lancelot and Elaine, the world's greatest knight and the Grail Bearer at the castle of Corbenic, is destined to achieve the Grail, his spiritual purity making him a greater warrior than even his illustrious father.”

That, ultimately, is Litt’s mission in life: to be the greatest legal warrior, by outdoing his direct competitor, Harvey -- which incidentally in Latin means “warrior.”

Some people find Christ in the most unusual places – a hotel bedside table’s drawer, a prison, a life-saving miracle, the list goes on.

But you might also find Christian symbols and metaphors in the hit network television show Suits.


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