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26 January, 2017

1 April, 2016
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Date Description File Size (kb)
Sat 27 March 2010 Ezra Levant comments on Ann Coulter's visit to U of London Download 2,417
Mon 22 March 2010 Complete Ann Coulter speech in London, ONT See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGjB2oq9o8Q Download 53,315
Sat 30 January 2010 The Gordon Tu B'shvat seder document Download 43
Mon 23 November 2009 Stephanie Houser, part 2 Download 1,482
Mon 23 November 2009 Stephanie Houser, on her film project "An Unbroken Chain" Download 0
Thu 15 October 2009 Second of two parts John Kador, Effective Apologies. How-to of apology. Download 0
Thu 17 September 2009 Kosher apologies lecture, Toronto's THE HOUSE. Download 80,321
Tue 1 September 2009 Dave discusses Kosher Apologies on David Grossman's radio show a propos of Yom Kippur Download 8,969
Thu 13 August 2009 John Kador, author of "Effective Apologies" Download 43,474
Thu 23 July 2009 A head spinning discussion with Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution Download 18,598
Thu 25 June 2009 Forest Hill Jewish Centre, June 25, Kosher Apologies lecture Download 50,403
Fri 8 May 2009 Video interview with PC Ontario leadership hopeful, MPP Frank Klees Download 84,653
Fri 1 May 2009 Dave asks Rt. Hon. Joe Clark what he'd like to have on new immigrant exams Download 3,192
Fri 1 May 2009 Dave asks Rt. Hon. Joe Clark what Canada can teach the world about immigration Download 2,132
Tue 28 April 2009 on David Grossman's radio show. Discussing Iran, Israel and Durban II Download 17,669
Mon 27 April 2009 Atom Egoyan, renown Canadian filmmaker, on Israel, Exotica, and Chloe Download 8,177
Sun 29 March 2009 Dave Gordon show: interviews with jazz musician Jen Chapin, and Jamie Glazov author of "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny". Also, live performance of jazz musician Lily Frost. Download 14,838
Sun 22 March 2009 Dave Gordon Show: on Brit MP George Galloway's being barred from Canada. Also, Ellie Tesher on her TV show "Outlaw In laws," and Stewart Bell, his book "Bayou of Pigs." Download 50,060
Sun 15 March 2009 Dave Gordon Show: discussing a shortage of good films, and a rapist who won $15,000 for a sex change. Interviews with Peter Newman on his biography on Izzy Asper, and TV's Naked Archaeologist, Simcha Jacobovici Download 15,632
Sun 8 March 2009 Dave Gordon Show: interviews with Elie Wiesel, Shimshon Issaki "Iraq and Terrorism" and Vincent Coppola "The Sicilian Judge: Anthony Alaimo, an American Hero". And: $US5 billion in Gaza aid, and meditation for children. Download 14,640

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