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26 January, 2017

1 April, 2016
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Tips for a Kosher Apology

(more to come... and future chapters of Dave's book )

The difference between an apology and a sincere apology
12 apologies of 2012
Receiving an apology has health benefits
Levels of apologies
Aish HaTorah's 2006 Yom Kippur Message
Aish HaTorah's 2005 Yom Kippur Message
NCSY's Tips for Teshuva
Go Ahead, Say You're Sorry: Aaron Lazare
Aaron Lazare, author of "On Apology" (video)
Know How to Say You're Sorry
Always apologize; always explain
Sensitize yourself to the pain of others
Taking Responsibility: 5 Things a Man Needs to Know
There can be no peace without apology
The news is full of non-apology apologies lately
How to say you're sorry: A refresher course


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