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You’re here to contact me! Superb!

Need a writer? Whether it’s tech, politics, an oped, travel, business, arts and culture, a speech, website, letter, or a book, I’m your guy. Happy clients include a best selling author, a business coach, and a publisher.

Need an editor? I’ve worked in the fast-paced newsroom of National Post, and the breaking news desk at Postmedia, to cite two examples. Scores of publishers and editors have trusted me with editing publications, articles and books.

Seeking a compelling speaker? Top answers on the board are:

  • 3 Powers of Persuasion
  • The Secrets to a Thunderbolt Life: Make a Boom in the Marketplace
  • What is a Kosher Apology?
  • Israel/Arab Conflict for Dummies
  • Bias in the Media
Dave Gordon